December 3–5, 2021


The Space Race Conference: Moon Mars Futures

With contributions by:
Marie-Pier Boucher, Marcela Chao Ruiz, Lukas Feireiss, Bernard Foing, Moon Gallery Foundation, Anna Rebecca Green, Sabine Heinz, Barbara Imhof, Rob La Frenais, Philipp Modersohn, Michaela Musilova, Michael Najjar, Nonhuman Nonsense, PPKK (Schönfeld & Scoufaras), Gilbert Sinnott, Sophie-Therese Trenka-Dalton, Natalie Treviño, Ute Waldhausen, Jemma Woolmore

Presented by:
Thomas Heidtmann (SPARTH) und Nahum (KOSMICA Institute)


How are we going to explore the Moon and Mars? What imaginaries have been created by artists to live away from our planetary home? Are humans a “space race”? During the conference we will reflect on these questions by discussing our shared futures in space. With reference to the ambiguity and complexities of the English word “race”, we will examine the relationship of humans with the Moon and Mars as places of conflict and desire for the extension of our natural boundaries as one of Earth’s species.

Mars Curiosity Rover – After Crossing Dingo Gap Sanddune

The Space Race Conference will engage an interdisciplinary group of artists, thinkers and space professionals through the presentation of current positions concerning the future of humanity in other celestial bodies. With a mix of lectures, panel discussions and live performances, we will address the present and future challenges of human activities on Earth, the Moon and Mars.

Started in 2017, SPARTH is a Berlin-based initiative examining relationships between space and art, with activities across the globe and beyond. Its mission is to foster an environment for exchanging and stimulating new ideas. SPARTH develops events such as community meetings, hackathons and conferences to investigate the artistic, technological and biological implications for the human species in the ascending age of space travel and virtuality.

KOSMICA is a global institute founded in 2011 with the mission to create a space organization for critical, cultural and poetic discourse on our relationship with outer space, space exploration and the impact of these activities on Earth. The Institute curates and produces original content, projects and programs. KOSMICA’s activities bring together experts across disciplines to explore the cultural impact of space exploration, the future of humanity and the most urgent issues we are currently facing on our planet.

Sun., Oct. 10, 7 pm


Stone Trek

Sun., Oct. 24., 7 pm


PPKK 07.00

Sun., Nov. 7., 7 pm


House of Patience

Sun., Nov. 21, 7 pm


Sonnenphysikalisches Kabinett

Fr.–Sun., Dec. 3–5


The Space Race Conference